Conference on the Prevailing Interlocked Peace and Security Conundrum in the Horn of Africa

For decades the sub-region of the Horn has suffered from and still continues to endure devastating and persistent conflicts. A significant number of the countries in Horn are faced with increasingly intensifying conflicts that have caused massive killing, internally displaced millions, resulted in abject poverty and perpetuated turbulent insecurity. Hence, the need for establishing peace and security in the sub-region is constant, urgent and mandatory.

In view of this reality, InterAfrica Group (IAG) in collaboration with Center for Policy Research and Dialogue (CPRD) organized the first conference on the challenges of peace and security in the Horn in March 2007.Various papers by prominent scholars on peace and security issues in Somalia, Sudan, as well as on Ethio-Eritrea conflict were presented and discussed with the active participation of academicians, policy makers, representatives from the diplomatic community and Regional Institutions. The conference provided the participants an opportunity to reflect on and critically analyze the complex impediments to peace and to advance various specific proposals for the way forward that required deeper research and further consultations. One of these crucial proposals was a call
for continuous in-depth investigation and dialog targeted at the common and interlinked characteristics of the conflicts in the subregion.
Accordingly, IAG organized a follow-up regional consultation on ‘the Prevailing Interlocked Peace and Security Issues in the Horn’ from September 1-2, 2008. The second conference provided rare opportunity to concerned stakeholders to examine the linkages and consequences of the existing peace and security situations in the sub-region and outlined possible areas of solutions. Once again renowned scholars presented papers on conflicts in the Sudan, Somalia, Ethio-Eritrea, Kenya and Uganda and exchanged informed views. The conference was well attended by policy makers, members of the diplomatic community, civil society and representatives of International Organizations from member countries of the Horn. This publication presents the proceedings of this significant conference along with the papers presented by the distinguished experts.

IAG would like to acknowledge and thank the Netherlands Organization for International Development Cooperation/Oxfam- Novib, and the Royal Danish Government for funding the conference. Likewise, we would like to express our appreciation to the scholars who presented the papers and all the active participants who made the conference a success.

Tamrat Kebede
InterAfrica Group Executive Director


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