3rd Conference on Constitutionalism and Human Security in the Horn of Africa

As noted at the previous conferences on “Constitutionalism” organized by InterAfrica Group (IAG), constitutional arrangements are measured on the degree of adherence to their stipulated provisions of democratic governance and on the equitable power sharing practices they have realized.

Hence, the extent to which constitutional arrangements in the Horn of Africa have succeeded or failed in advancing democratization and conflict management through power sharing remains an issue of critical importance and concern in the Sub-region. Cognizant of this, and to facilitate the exchange of informed views on various aspects of constitutions, InterAfrica Group had previously organized two conferences on constitutionalism. The first in October 2007 and the
second in August 2008.

In line with the same objective, a third conference was organized on 8 December 2009, to examine and discuss three issues associated with constitutions: i) conflict management through power sharing; ii) sustainment of equitable and effective intergovernmental relations and iii) the institutionalization of democratic governance systems to Federal Capital Cities.

The conference was attended by a large number of policy makers, representatives of the diplomatic community, civil society from member countries of the Horn and International Organizations.

Key issues on the development and modus operandi of constitutions were identified and discussed with particular focus on their relevance and contribution to building of peace and human security. We trust the conference has generated and provided critical insight to policy makers and all stakeholders concerned with the process of peace building in the Horn.
This publication summarizes the proceedings of the conference and provides the respective papers presented by the prominent scholars.

IAG takes this opportunity to acknowledge and express its gratitude to the Netherlands Organization of International Development Cooperation/ Oxfam-Novib for funding the conference. We would also like to acknowledge our appreciation to the scholars who presented their research papers and to all the active participants who made the conference successful.

Tamrat Kebede
InterAfrica Group, Executive Director


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