IAG’s Organizational Profile

Inter Africa Group (IAG) is an independent non-profit organization established in 1989 with a mission of supporting sustainable development, supporting democratic institutions and promoting peace and security in the Horn of Africa. Over the last 20 years IAG has managed to cultivate a reputable niche in research and public dialogue on vital development, governance, and peace initiative policy issues both in the context of Ethiopia and regionally. More importantly, and particularly, since 2004, it has played a significant role in peace building programs in partnership with IGAD’s Early Warning and Response Mechanism (CEWARN) and CSOs enaged in similar andeavor.

As a National Research Institute of CEWARN’s two Ethiopia clusters, it has been engaged in conflict resolution in the Karamoja and Somali clusters.  In this context, IAG plays a leading role in early warning and early response intervention activities in Ethiopia. In particular, IAG, in partnership with CEWARN, at the regional level, and peace actors at the local level, has played a prominent role facilitating several peace building initiatives on the Ethiopian sides of the Karamoja and Somali clusters. Additionally, IAG has served as the financial administrative unit (FAU) for CEWARN projects in Ethiopia, a role which required IAG to carry out financial planning, reporting and payment certifications

From its inception IAG has implemented at elevated political and intellectual levels alongside programs targeting local communities arange of socio-economic and development program activities. This has enabled the organization to strategically position itself at national and regional levels, where vital political and socio-economic issues are articulated and alternative policy recommendations are developed.

IAG has secured a tripartite agreement, concluded with IGAD/CEWARN and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia and hence, has obtained legal exemption from the limitations set in the Charities and Societies Proclamation No 621/2009.

Accordingly, IAG is currently implementing multiple peace building cross-border activities in Somali Cluster under the Peace III Program (a three years peace building initiative funded by USAID). It operates in 8 boarder weredas (3 in Libon Zone and 5 in Borena Zone) with two local sub-offices located in Moyale and Mega. Furthermore it has recently conducted a research on countering violent extremism in Ethiopia. 

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