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Inter Africa Group/ Ethiopia (IAG) is an independent non-profit organization established in 1989 with a mission of supporting sustainable development, strengthening democratic institutions, deepening democratic culture and promoting peace and security in the Horn of Africa. Over the last 20 years IAG has cultivated a reputable niche in research and public dialogue on vital development issues, governance and peace-building policy initiatives both in the context of Ethiopia and regionally.

Previously Implemented Projects

Parliamentary Internship
Women Empowerment
Peace III

Our Mission

IAG’s vision is a Horn of Africa where human rights are respected, democratic culture flourishes and economic development and peace are achievable. The vision envisages a region in which citizens live in democracy, shared and equitable prosperity, and conflicts are resolved peacefully and justly.

How Can You Help?

IAG is committed to peace building in the Horn and supporting the national development agenda.

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