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Ongoing Projects

  •  IAG partnered with International Republican Institute (IRI) to organize impartial debate platforms for contending political parties in the run-up-to to the 2021 national elections on selected vital policy issues. The project runs from 1 January 2021-30 June 2021. It envisages organizing three rounds of debates in each three regions (Ahmara, SNNPR and Somali). The main objective of the project is to encourage a robust culture of conducing peaceful and courteous debate during pre-election cycle and thereby help voters make informed decision.
  • Warka Project (December 2020-May 2021) aims to create a comprehensive virtual platform to be used before and during the 2021 national elections that allows for dissemination to stakeholders of the programs and policies of the contending political parties on a range of social, political, and economic issues. Warka project will employ appropriate digital tools such as mobile application, bots, website and also incorporates interactive functionality that will enable users easily access and compare different party policy positions and chose the one(s) that suit(s) their political preferences. Its primary objective is to help voters make informed decision based on the information made available on the platform regarding policy options put forward by the contesting political parties.
  • Knowledge Base Dialogue(KBD) project(February 2019-June 2021), envisaged to be executed before the 2021 national elections, is meant to facilitate an evidence-based dialogue platform where civil exchange of views on selected researched crucial thematic issues will be deliberated among political party leaders and relevant stakeholders. The project is implemented under a tripartite partnership of International Institute of Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IIDEA), InterAfrica Group (IAG) and International Revival Ministry (IRM). It entails undertaking ten researches on vital national issues of concern and organizing dialogues on the research outcomes. IAG is tasked with the research component of the project and IRM is mandated to facilitate the dialogues in collaboration with IAG. IIDEA is the overall coordinator of the project. The project is funded by EU.
  • Funded by the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF), the Regional Approaches for Sustainable Conflict Management and Integration (RASMI) project adopts a conflict systems based approach to promote peace-building, conflict management, and conflict resolution capacity at the community and cross-border levels. It is part of the EU’s program for Collaboration in the Cross Border areas of the Horn of Africa, to prevent and mitigate the impact of local conflict and to promote economic development and greater resilience in four different cross-border regions.
  • Listening Tour Project (Listening Tour for Inclusive and Transformative Peace), signed between IAG and Life and Peace Institute (LPI), aims at conducting listening tours on selected Universities, with students and surrounding communities to grasp the root causes of grievances of the youth including informal youth groups and to enable partners to engage with government agencies in order to design appropriate policy measures and actions. The project was signed in March 2020 but suspended due to Covid-19-related policy measures but is expected to resume from mid-January 2021 to the end of May 2021.
  • The partnership between CREATE, Mercy Corps-Europe, and IAG seeks to gain an improved understanding of the nature and extent of Violent Extremism problem in Ethiopia and to enhance capacity of partners to engage with government in the design of actions to prevent radicalization and recruitment in VE groups. CREATE and Mercy Corps-Europe provide financial and technical support and IAG is responsible for undertaking a collaborative research that is expected to inform the development of an evidence-based national P/CVE strategy in Ethiopia. The project consists of two components: Studies (broad scoping and in-depth studies) and strategy development. The broad scoping was already completed in October 2021 and the in-depth study will soon be carried out in two selected sites (Dollo Ado and Moyale).
  • Study on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE): The objective of the study was to understand the risks and dynamism of violent extremism and also to recommend the measures to prevent and counter them. Funded by USAID, the project had two pillar components: VE risk assessment and the development of national strategy to counter violent extremism. It was implemented in partnership with PACT-Ethiopia and with support of Ministry of Peace (MoP). It was a supplementary project to another project (i.e., Countering Violent Religious Extremism project) already implemented by IAG in 2016-2018. This project was also funded by USAID and focused on Violent Extremism related to religious causes (push and pull factors) .

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