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Previously Implemented Projects

  • CVE project consisting of eight nationwide in-depth studies on risk of Violent Religious Extremism in Ethiopia and pilot project implementation in Jimma and South Wollo Zones (2016-2018).
  • Parliamentary internship (2015) was designed to enhance the awareness and capacity of federal and regional parliaments in Ethiopia and for mainstreaming gender in the exercise of their oversight and legislative mandates in tandem it was intended to the enable students to better understand the mechanisms, responsibilities, and needs of governance and public administration.
  • Support for out- of -school young girls: The general objective of the project was to facilitate and provide access to education and skill training for adolescent girls aged 12-18 in the selected project regions, with the broader aim of investing in human capital and empowering the beneficiaries to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty (2016)
  • Support to the drafting of Ethiopian constitution in 1994: Believing that the making of the new Ethiopian Constitution was a pivotal episode in the life of African democracy, and considering that Ethiopia’s attempt to turn to democracy would throw light on the fate of constitutional democracy in the nation, IAG supported the drafting of the incumbent federal constitution.
  • Conducted national electoral debates that captivated Ethiopia in 2005 The local pre-election debates organized by IAG enabled contending political parties to present their campaign agenda to the public and helped the electorate to make informed choices during that election.
  • Several conferences and Dialogue forums on socio economic and political priority issues (1994- till present): These projects aimed at examining the role of political parties and their contribution to democratization in the Horn of Africa, reflect on their experience, standards, and link to stability, and extract lessons relevant to the processes of democratization in the Horn of Africa.
  • PEACE III (2016-2019) aimed at Peace-building capacities of communities so as to enable them to mitigate and resolve local conflicts.
  • Inter-Generational Dialogue (2002 till present): The project intended to provide an opportunity for senior accomplished Ethiopian citizens, who have made significant contribution to their country in different fields, to share their cumulative experience and knowledge with students and young professionals.
  • Cross Border Cooperation (2017-2020): The overall objective of the Action was to increase the participation and contribution of civil society organisations (CSOs) to ensure continental and regional policies on cross-border cooperation in Africa are responsive to human security priorities of borderland communities. The Action focused on one specific objective: to strengthen the capacities, collaborative relationships and influence of CSOs in order to infuse compelling evidence into regional and continental decision-making processes on cross-border cooperation and tackling borderland human security challenges. The project was funded by EU and SIDA.

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