Critical Contributions

In collaboration with different partners, IAG executed projects with vital importance to the Horn of Africa (see ‘Projects’ for the partners, dates, and other details).

  • Debate platforms were organized for political parties on selected policy issues related to national elections. The events were organized in three regions to encourage and promote the culture of peaceful and courteous debates during pre-election thereby helping voters make informed decision.
  • A project titled “Inclusive Knowledge Based Dialogue” was implemented in order to facilitate an evidence-based dialogue platform where civil exchange of views on selected national issues of concern. A ten-chapter volume titled “Research on Prevailing Crucial Socio-Economic and Political Issues in Ethiopia” was published in 2021 based on the dialogue exercise.
  • A symposium on “Poverty: Dimensions, dynamics and response options” organized by IAG led to the publication of a volume in 2020 under the same title. The contributions focused on the existential dynamics and the social and cultural dimensions of poverty in the country and suggested policy measures.
  • A project named “Regional Approaches for Sustainable Conflict Management and Integration” in four cross-border regions was executed with the intention to promote peace-building, conflict management, and conflict resolution capacity at the community and cross-border levels. It was intended to prevent and mitigate local conflicts and promote economic development.
  • A research project on understanding the challenges of violent extremism in Somali and Oromia Regions of Ethiopia was conducted to enhance the capacity of partners to engage with the government in the design of actions to prevent radicalization and recruitment to violent extremist groups.
  • A high-level policy analysis and engagement was initiated in the Horn of Africa in order to inform regional policies on local conflict dynamics and perspectives. The exercise that involved extensive discussions among policy makers in the IGAD region has generated policy insights on the nexus between cross-border security governance and informal cross-border trade.
  • Major nation-wide studies on countering violent extremism (VE) in Ethiopia was carried out to assess the risks of VE (both religiously inspired and non-religious) and recommend the measures (e.g., community level action and the development of national strategy) to counter them. Based on the study, a pilot project was implemented in Jimma and South Wollo Zones.
  • Parliamentary internship was designed to enhance the awareness and capacity of federal and regional parliaments in Ethiopia and for mainstreaming gender in the exercise of their oversight and legislative mandates. The project was also intended to the enable students to better understand the mechanisms, responsibilities, and needs of governance and public administration.
  • A volume based a symposium on “Agrarian Technology Options and Food Security in Ethiopian Pastoralist Areas” organized by IAG was published in 2010. The papers in the volume articulated the vulnerable status of pastoralist livelihood and tabled potential policy measures and technology options to address the food security risks of the pastoral areas in Ethiopia.
  • In 2008, IAG published a volume based on a symposium on “Prevailing Interlocked Peace and Security Conundrum in the Horn of Africa”. The papers in the volume examined conflicts in the Sudan, Somalia, and Ethio-Eritrea focusing on linkages, consequences and solutions to security challenges.
  • With conviction that the making a new constitution was a pivotal episode in the life of African democracy, IAG provided technical support in the drafting of the 1995 Ethiopian Constitution.
  • A projected titled “PEACE III” was implemented to enhance the peace-building capacity of communities to mitigate and resolve local conflicts.
  • IAG launched women empowerment support initiatives on gender equality and women’s empowerment, specifically focusing on improving women’s economic, political and social empowerment and the full use of their rights.
  • IAG executed “Cross Border Cooperation” project with the aim to increase the participation and contribution of CSOs to continental and regional policies on cross-border cooperation and the security of borderland communities.
  • Beginning in 1994, IAG conducted several conferences and dialogue forums on socio-economic and political priority issues in the Horn of Africa with the aim to understand the challenges and provide policy recommendations.